Urgent warning to millions of Google Chrome users as hackers could steal passwords

Hackers could be stealing personal data from millions of Google Chrome users, an internet security firm has revealed.

Experts at Guardio Security claim users who like to style up their web browser may be using apps that are actually a front for hackers, who could steal private passwords.

The various extensions have been downloaded millions of times, according to Guardio, who uncovered the so-called “Dormant Colors” campaign.

Nati Tal, Head of Guardio Labs, told The Sun that one of the first things you may or may not notice is that the hack takes over your searches.

When searching something through Chrome, users will be redirected to a ripoff page made to look like Google search.

While hackers could have access to your private login details including passwords, they can also earn money off the back of any purchases you make as an affiliate.

“By mid-October 2022 there were at least 30 variants of this extension part of a campaign for both Chrome and Edge,” Nati warned.

“At the end of the day, it’s not only affiliation fees being collected on your back, this is your privacy as well as your internet experience being compromised here, in ways that can target organizations by harvesting credentials and hijacking accounts and financial data,” he added.

“No extension that makes a fine-looking website look dark and ugly is worth it…”

Guardio say hackers are developing similar extensions all the time, but the firm has released a list of the names of the extensions thought to be being used by fraudsters.

They are:

Action Colors
Power Colors
Nino Colors
More Styles
Super Colors
Mix Colors
Mega Colors
Get colors
what color
Single Color
colors scale
style flex
Background colors
more styles
Change Color
Dood Colors
refresh color
WebPage Colors
hex colors
soft view
border colors
colors mode
Xer Colors